Insurance Claim Misconceptions

Insurance Claim Misconceptions

Auto insurance can be a tricky business, and although companies are going out of their way to try and make their policies easier to understand, it doesn’t always work. Are you falling for common insurance claim misconceptions ? Here’s what you should know before asking insurance to pay for your auto hail repair or before you pick a new policy.

Are Not Always Responsible for Your Car

Tons of people think that if their friend borrows their car and gets in an accident, it’s on them. The fact of the matter is that although your friend might have their own insurance policy, most states view the car owner’s policy as the primary insurance coverage.

Affects Insurance Rates

This one is based on the theory that red cars and other colors are pulled over more because their drivers are usually more reckless. So why wouldn’t insurance companies distinguish colors as well? Luckily for all of you red and black fans, insurance companies won’t change your rate because of the colour.

Covers It All

Many people think of their insurance company like a magic wand that gives out free money to take care of auto hair repair, stolen property, and more. You might be in for a headache if anything happens and you don’t have comprehensive coverage though. Insurance companies usually only cover things like damage from hail, tree limbs, flooding, vandalism, etc., if you have comprehensive and collision coverage in addition to your standard coverage. Make sure you have that extra coverage and we’ll have an easier time getting your insurance company to cover our repair work.

What insurance misconceptions are you falling for? Make sure that you know all the ins and outs of your policy before an accident or damage occurs to save you time, headache, and money.

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