Hail Damage, Why Is It A Challenge for Fleet Managers?

Hail Damage, Why Is It A Challenge for Fleet Managers?

Dealing with hailstorms and the consequent hail damage is definitely a huge challenge for fleet managers. Why? Starting with the obvious, no one can forecast hailstorms with 100% accuracy. Furthermore, even in the best-case scenario, there are a lot of aspects out of your control.

The intention of this article Hail Damage, Why Is It A Challenge for Fleet Managers? is to provide advice on how to deal with hailstorm season.

Hail Damage, The Major Issue for Fleet Operators

If you are in charge of a rental car agency, a new or used car dealership, or any other fleet-related businesses then you already know how difficult can be dealing with hail damage. Let’s review why this particular type of damage is so demanding.

Hailstorms Unpredictability

Prevention is always the first option of fleet managers to avoid hail damage. However, as a result of the unpredictable nature of hailstorms, it is not always possible to perform simple actions, such as moving vehicles to a safe location.

Furthermore, even in the case of being able to safeguard vehicles in custody, there is still a risk that hail could damage vehicles in circulation. You may wonder, what is the solution then?

First of all, start by accepting the problem as is it. You can’t fight against the forces of nature. Rather than trying to control the weather, the best approach is minimizing the potential impact of hailstorms by assuming a proactive mindset.

  1. Certainly, you have to pay close attention to the weather forecast, especially during hailstorm season.
  2. Be prepared at all times. Design a viable contingency plan according to the size of your fleet and your available facilities. Move vehicles when necessary, use hail protectors if you consider it pertinent.
  3. If you are the manager of a private fleet of passenger cars or light trucks then implement a mechanism to alert drivers about potential hailstorm risk. Nowadays, there are plenty of ways to do it. Calling drivers one by one is a reasonably easy solution for small fleets. However, automated SMS platforms, push notifications, and vehicle information systems are probably a better option for small and big companies alike.

Damage Extension

Prevention is key to lower disruption in fleet utilization, however, sooner or later hail damage will occur, therefore it is a good practice getting ready for it.

The problem with hail damage is that it’s as unpredictable as the hailstorm itself. Hence, planning ahead is the best option to avoid chaos. Just imagine you work at a dealership waiting for the arrival of new vehicles. Now imagine that during transportation some vehicles suffer hail damage. Finally, let’s make things even more interesting adding that you already had sold those vehicles. That is a catastrophic situation that no fleet manager would like to face.

The bottom line is, anticipating an uncomfortable situation is nearly impossible. Estimating the time and money required to repair a vehicle damaged by hail is also difficult. That is why our suggestion is to plan ahead what you will do when the inevitable happens.

In our modest opinion, the best approach is partnering with a reliable service provider with proven expertise in dealing with hail damage repairs.

With over 20 years of experience in paintless dent repair, David Fremel, and Ronald Lopes guarantee that choosing Dent Kore is the best decision you can make.

Think of it as an investment.

Dent Kore’s Fleet Service Solutions bring you many benefits:

  • Quick and accurate estimates regarding damage caused by hail
  • Fast turn around times that let affected vehicles return to normal operation as soon as possible
  • Unsurpassed paintless dent repair service, second to none in the state of Colorado.

Hail Damage Is Not The Only Challenge For Fleet Managers

Hail is far from being the only challenge for fleet managers. Road debris, ding, dents, and scratches produced during parking maneuvers continually affect fleet vehicles. As a result, managers are in constant need of a trustworthy automotive fleet repair service.

At Dent Kore, our commitment is assisting fleet managers in every way possible and relief them of the unnecessary burden of dealing with minor repairs. You can rely on our Fleet Service Solutions for daily tasks such as:

  • Paintless dent removal
  • Windshield replacement
  • Bodypaint and stone chip repairs
  • Professional auto detailing services


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