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Fleet Services

It is not common for a leading company in its field like Dent Kore to provide a superb service without making it public. But that was exactly the case of Dent Kore’s Fleet Services. Until now.

In the context of its new marketing strategy, Fleet Solutions will now formally become part of the main services offered by Dent Kore.

How does this change benefit current (and future) fleet, customers?

If you manage a fleet of vehicles then read on, because this article presents the solution that you may have been looking for a long time.

Fleet Service Solutions, why now?

The automotive industry has been evolving at an incredible speed during the past two decades.

By ‘evolving’, we are not only referring to new technologies, but also to the way auto repair shops do business. Customers’ perception of services has changed considerably. Until not long ago it was acceptable to offer a standard service to all clients.

However, with the arrival of social media, everything changed.

Customer expectations have quickly shifted from ‘generic services’ to ‘personalized experiences’. The way businesses define ‘top-quality services’ has changed as well. Nowadays it’s not enough having vast experience in the field, counting with certified technicians, or using the best tools. In this day and age, professional paintless dent removal shops like Dent Kore has to prove its deep commitment to clients by adapting their services to fit customers’ specific needs.

Fleet Service Solutions was born from that desire of engaging with customers at a new level.

For us, the formal introduction of fleet services is an essential step in our pledge to offering the highest level of service in the country.

Refining ‘An Excellent Service’ To Achieve the ‘Best In Class Experience’

The founders of Dent Kore, David Fremel and Ronald Lopes, have already proved its value to the people of Colorado. Dent Kore’s internal processes ensure quality and finish that exceeds the most demanding expectation.

How can the introduction of fleet service solutions improve an already incredible service?

The answer relies on Dent Kore’s secret ingredient, its passion for delivering the best customer experience possible. With the introduction of Fleet Service Solutions, our goal is giving fleet managers a personalized experience that lives up to the specific challenges they face every day.

Dent Kore’s specialists can achieve that goal thanks to their extensive knowledge of what fleet managers expect from us.

  • Quick response times when a hail storm strikes
  • Fast turn around times to minimize fleet utilization disruption
  • Extreme attention to detail to restore vehicles to their original factory condition

We are fully aware of our mission during critical situations. Our goal is assisting fleet managers and letting them focus on other aspects of the crisis at hand.

Our service becomes a real solution, not another problem that demands their attention.

Services That You Can Rely on

In our quest to achieve the best experience for the client, the Dent Kore team has grouped the most common services needed by fleet managers under the umbrella of Fleet Service Solutions.

As you can expect, each service has engraved Dent Kore’s quality seal in addition to being carefully adapted to the specific requirements of modern fleet managers. Below is a glimpse of what services you can anticipate from our Fleet Service Solutions division:

  • The absolute best paintless dent repair service in the state of Colorado
  • Fast and efficient windshield replacement
  • Quick bodypaint and stone chip repairs
  • Professional auto detailing services

Why Fleet Owners Should Consider Dent Kore as Their Trusted Service Provider?

Customer experience has been always a priority to Dent Kore. The introduction of Fleet Service Solutions is proof of that. Formally including fleet automotive repair in our catalog of services provide current and future fleet owners customers a guarantee of our commitment to deliver the best in class services backed by our prestigious brand.

Regardless of the size of the fleet you manage, no matter if it is a car rental agency, a dealer, a car auction, or any kind of business involving a fleet, you can now count on Dent Kore as a trustworthy partner.

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