The Cost of Auto Hail Repair in Denver, Colorado?

The Cost of Auto Hail Repair In Denver, Colorado?


If you live in the beautiful state of Colorado you already know that is one of the most hail-prone states in the U.S. In Denver alone have been issued 23 hail reports during 2019. This Article covers the cost of auto hail repair in Denver, Colorado?


Other states such as Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota are no strangers to what hailstorms can do. Hail damage repairs over $2,500 are common on vehicles severely affected by storms.


If your vehicle was a victim of a recent hailstorm or you are simply looking for alternatives to costly Bodyshop repairs then this article The Cost of Auto Hail Repair in Denver, Colorado? is for you.


Why Paintless Dent Removal Is Preferable For Hail Damage Repairs


In one of our previous articles, 4 Benefits of Paintless Dent Repair over Conventional Bodyshop Repair, was discussed why Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is preferable over conventional repair methods:


  • Using PDR you keep vehicle factory finish.
  • Paintless dent removal is environmentally friendly.
  • Repairs are completed in days instead of weeks.
  • Paintless dent repair can cost significantly less than traditional methods


You can add to that list that insurance companies literally “love” PDR. Even if your car has comprehensive insurance with little or no deductibles, using paintless dent removal methods saves you trouble in the long-term.


What Determines the Cost of Auto Hail Repair in Denver, Colorado?


Estimating dent repair costs is not an exact science. At Dent Kore, we take into account several factors including but not limited to:


Car Body Type And Material


Nowadays, different materials are used in car bodies. Traditional iron car bodies cannot be treated the same as aluminum bodies. There are also other considerations like next-gen materials. The all-electric BMW i3 uses an ultra-lightweight carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) body. Dent Kore paintless dent removal experts keep in mind your car body material for estimating purposes. Some vehicles require extraordinary care or special tools to restore them to a “like-new” condition.


Size Of Dents


The size of a dent is determined by the diameter of its circumference. As you may guess, larger dents will be more expensive to repair than smaller ones. The reason is simple. Large hail dents require more time to repair because they need special care in order to maintain the vehicle’s paint intact.


Depth Of The Dents


The depth of the dent is also a crucial factor in estimating the extent of repair work. A shallow dent, even if it’s large, could be easier to remove than a small but deep dent. The reason for this has to do with the risk of cracking the paint. Car paint has some elasticity. However, the deeper the dent the bigger the risk to reach the paint’s elasticity limit and therefore produce a crack. Deep dents with higher risk require more patience to repair, better tools and techniques. In short, it consumes more time and, therefore, they are expensive to repair.


Number Of Dents Per Panel


Time is money. The number of dents will inevitably affect the cost. During the hail damage evaluation, a Dent Kore specialist will perform a thoughtful inspection to determine the total number of dents per panel in your car. A panel with too many dents, even if they are small, might be harder to restore to its original shape than a similar panel with only a few dents. In other words, in addition to the total number of dents, areas prone to major damage (such as the roof and the hood) may be more expensive to repair than the side panels, doors and other areas of the vehicle.


Dents Location


Another important factor to consider is the location of hail dents. The cost of repairing a hail damaged car will vary depending on the difficulty level of the paintless dent repair process. For that reason, if an area difficult to reach is damaged during the hailstorm, the final estimate will go up.


How Much Will it Cost to Repair Hail Damage In My Car?


Dent Kore’s paintless dent repair specialist will take his time to perform an exhaustive inspection of your vehicle using special PDR lighting and measuring tools. Once the evaluation is complete, our expert will give you a detailed repair estimate.


You need to keep in mind that hail damage repair costs are not arbitrarily determined by Dent Kore. Insurance companies manage their own reference costs with respect to hail dents. They even classify dents according to its severity and location as very light, moderate, medium, heavy/severe, and extreme. Depending on the extension of the damage, the final cost could be the result of and agreement between both parties.


You can expect a “very light” dent to cost you around $50 while a panel severely damaged by hail can be over a thousand dollars.


How Can You Lower The Cost Of Hail Damage?


Our best advice if you live in a city like Denver and find yourself caught in a hailstorm while driving is to pull over as soon as possible at a gas station or anywhere else that offers you protection. Avoid repairing damaged areas by yourself. Always remember that keeping your paint original finish is fundamental for paintless dent removal methods. Scratches and cracks in your car’s paint could force you to use conventional body repair techniques that would easily double the final repair cost.

We hope you have enjoyed The cost of auto hail repair in Denver, Colorado.

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